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OBD Pro Scanner

One of the best software application OBD Pro Scanner for a novice in the automobile knowledge or even for a professional mechanic engineer, this is the first step you must do when the car encounters a problem and you want to find the part with the issue.

This multi-function Automobile Diagnostic and Effectiveness Scanner allows you to see real-time computer data and Check Engine Light problem codes from any kind of OBD-II ( 1996-2014- ) car. It is possible to look at car information and monitor vehicle records for potential future solution checking. Re-load collected scans as well as export stored reads to other programs like Excel spreadsheet. With just one uncomplicated command you may examine the vehicle codes and save them for future viewing or choose the electronic mail function to send them to someone else like a mechanic. It can also permit you to clear any error codes and also switch off your current Check Engine Light with one easy command.
Super speedy refresh rate enables optimum real-time scanning.
This app in addition provides you with recommendations and tips to help you through reapir and scan procedures.

*Developed by professional OBD-II tuners with 20 years industry know-how in OBD-II Automotive car flashing and diagnostic scanning. This application is ideal for tuners wanting to view/record all of the the essential parameters in a adequately set up simple to read display.
A part of the car’s on board computer reading information:

-Intake Air Temperature
-Long Term Fuel Trims
-Short Term Fuel Trims
-Barometric Pressure
-Ambient Air Temperature
-Fuel Pressure
-Fuel Level (%)
-Engine Run Time
-Equiv Ratio
-Oxygen Sensors (O2 Sensors)
-Fuel System Status
-Mass Airflow
-Engine Load
-Manifold Absolute Pressure
-Boost (PSI)
-Ignition Timing Advance
-Throttle Position
-Engine Temperature

You could try Repair Manuals and Car Tuning also for your car.

Download this software [from a no limit high-speed server with no waiting time, but with private access (in the first phase you receive the download address and password to login)] !
Download from here:


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