Our Leadership

Lewis Rockwell


I am drawn like a magnet to the world of automobiles, art, television and internet. Social media and communication. I like to believe about me that I’m the man you can count.

Omar Lawrence


In the period when I had to choose the field that was to continue my university studies I chose psychology, but ever since I dreamed of doing auto-moto journalism.

Elle Miller

Director of Marketing

From a fluke I got to the ProMotor TV and Radio 5th, where I made several TV shows as presenter and producer. Automobilesoft.com is my soul project.

Jake Pratt

Production Manager

Project Coordinator – better or worse … – and put my heart and soul into everything I do. I’m the one who is stirred, talk a lot and annoys those from editorial office up with ideas :))

Meet The Team

The team of journalists from automobilesoft.net is a young and ambitious who wants to prove that your opinion matters! Publisher AutomobileSoft is not only a simple activity of the press, but also the concern about the products offered, yet more toward people and the quality of interpersonal relations established. This is reflected in publishing best articles, continuing in the relationship we build with all collaborators and partners. “WE BUILD PERFORMANCE!”

Bérénice de Meaux

Creative Director

I am a dynamic nature and very attentive to details. I write on the music about future cars and I love to dance 😀 I am a picky, so want my work to be one of good quality.

Christoph Fassbender

Operations Manager

Blogger with passion for technology, videography and IT. I write in categories: Auto and Software, present in the online in the last 20 years and now directed attention to SEO and Social Media.

Jaden Rock

Lead Designer

In this project I deal with graphics, photography, and when time allows me I’m also a editor (I realize sports articles, news and interviews). I am passionate about car fashion.

Vincent Goode

Office Manager

With an experience of over 14 years of editorial and publishing a wide range of motoring and motor sport. Very attentive to detail and critical spirit is sometimes kinda developed, I’m a little perfectionist!