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History of diesel cars engine

It is more than obvious that the global auto market is dominated by internal combustion engines. More recently, some of the classic internal combustion engine market (diesel, gasoline) is replaced with alternative fuels engine (ethanol, biodiesel, CNG, LPG) which are also with internal combustion.

The propulsion systems based on electricity, hybrid vehicles (micro hybrid, mild hybrid, full hybrid) are becoming a common presence in the automotive market but not to a significant level.

Although technological innovations related to hybrid and electric cars were developed at a fast pace, internal combustion engines have not said the last word in the industry. Many years from now “masters” of automotive propulsion systems will still be internal combustion engines.

Let’s look a bit in the past to discover who is the father of the diesel engine.

As the name suggests, the diesel engine was invented by Rudolf Diesel a engineer, entrepreneur and inventor.
It started with the design and implementation of a thermal engine that operated based on Carnot cycle but to get better results Diesel began to develop its own engine. His engine was based on the principle of fuel injection at the end of the compression stroke, and fuel that ignited due to the high temperature resulting from air compression.

Rudolf Diesel’s engine has established itself more than 100 years, in various fields of technology. Applications are diverse, ranging from industrial engines, marine, locomotives and cars to aircraft engines.

The principle of operation is the same for new generation auto diesel engines, their improvements consisting largely in used materials, electronic management of fuel injection and exhaust gas post-treatment.

The Mercedes-Benz 260 D, was one of the very first 2 diesel engined series manufactured automobiles, along with the diesel model of the Hanomag Rekord. The two were presented at the Berlin Motor Show in February 1936.

Interestingly, the original fuel, which led to the invention of Rudolf Diesel was the vegetable oil based and not diesel fuel. It seems that due to the increasing price of oil we are going back to the origins, to biodiesel.

But now the time has changed: It’s over with diesel cars. I think that in a few years they will completely disappear. It’s a technology that belongs to the past. People have realized that we will never have completely clean diesel cars without emissions of nitrogen oxide…

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