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Info for perfect car holiday

To get stuck in the middle of the field in the mud of country road toward grandparents after a summer rain is a great feeling, surpassed only by the realization that you remained without brakes while descend a winding road from Great Smoky Mountains with a car full of five people.

Even though summer enters on its second part the holiday period is just getting started, many people taking their annual leave only the beginning of August. Relying on the idea that it’s better to be ready for anything, even for vacation, I prepared a few tips before you hit the road, with your personal car.

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The technical condition of the car – This includes checking the oil level, cooling liquid, lights front and rear, braking system, even windshield fluid.
First aid kit – Check before departure if your first aid kit has everything it needs. Supplement the kit with what it lacks, and in the remaining space free put useful pills or more batting. Do not leave before being sure that first aid kit is within warranty period and safety package is complete (triangle, reflecting jacket, fire extinguisher).
Because it is summer and sun rays are harmful, make sure you have lotions and creams with high protection factor, wear sunglasses and cover your head with hats, caps or scarves.
Very important is hydration. Take at least 2 liters of water for the road, some fruit and a few sandwiches.

Vacation tips

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Also you should know in detail the route. Inform yourself on possible work of road maintenance, find out the shortcuts and how practicable are. If you go through a specific route for the first time, it is advisable to equip your car with a GPS system and to have you a map with tourist attractions of the area. Make alternate routes beforehand on paper or GPS to know where to take it in case of necessity.

Update your GPS Software and Maps for all regions. Learn more…¬†Accessorize your car properly, among accessories for general use we mention: steel wire rope in case of towing, the cables that you restart the car battery, gloves and a tool kit.
Headlights: Check all bulbs light up and do not forget to have a kit with replacement bulbs.
Climate control: even if is not a security element, the air conditioning ensure passenger comfort. Before setting off check the efficiency of the air conditioning system.
Other things that you have to take into consideration in the process for preparing of the car:

  • If you have not vignette, do not forget to take your.
  • Always put more fuel than you calculated.
  • Keep food in the glove compartment with which can easily quench the hungry of little ones.
  • Transport pets in special cages.
  • If you go for a long time in the sun, buy sunshades for rear-side windows.

Any driver knows that on long trips his car needs some special preparations. Preparing of the car for traveling involves both ensuring that there are no technical problems, but also a whole list of things that need to be taken “in the baggage”.

Start your holiday

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You can even make yourself the inspection of the car or you can go to a car service. If you choose the first option, you get professional assistance and easy software! Find more programs in our website, we recommend you access this link (learn more) to identify the nearest for your car!


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    Paul Ramonita

    it’s summer and all I want is to go on a easy road, listen to music and get where I want to go

    Thanks for tips

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