Power door locks install

central locking

Power door locks

The cord set

cord set

Cable set

Connection variants

Cable set diagram

Cable set scheme

A. Negative Command

BLUE                      It does not connect
GREEN                   Unlocking
PURPLE/WHITE      Connects to chassis
GRAY                      It does not connect
WHITE                   Closing
PURPLE                 Connects to chassis

B. Positive Command

BLUE                      It does not connect
GREEN                   Unlocking
PURPLE/WHITE      Connects to (+)
GRAY                      It does not connect
WHITE                   Closing
PURPLE                 Connects to (+)

C. Actuator Command

BLUE                      Connects to chassis
GREEN                   Connect to actuator
PURPLE/WHITE      Connects to (+)
GRAY                      Connects to chassis
WHITE                   Connect to actuator
PURPLE                 Connects to (+)

D. Compressor Command

BLUE/WHITE          Binds together
GREEN                   Toward compressor
PURPLE/WHITE      Connects to (+)
GRAY                      Toward the switch from door
PURPLE                 Connects to chassis

(Selects from alarm jumpers the actuating of central locking for 4 sec.)

Learn how to install and set up a car alarm!

1. central locking is activated only from the door front / left.

In this case it is necessary to install into driver door an actuator with 2 or 5-wire, where appropriate, and the actuating directly from alarm. (See Actuator Command)

2. central locking actuated from either of the front doors.

a) locking / unlocking the doors is done through a compressor. Using a digital voltmeter or a voltage pencil identifying the compressor control wire. (Voltage is either (+) 12V or OV as doors are locked or unlocked). This wire is interrupted and makes the connection Command compressor if the car has the facility COMFORT *, command power door locks is done on two wires separated. Is used one of the schemes Command negative or Command positive, and the alarm is set for 11 sec./1 sec. (valid option only for CM 555)
b) locking / unlocking the doors is done through electrically controlled actuators by an existing module. Are identified the two-wire for controlling the module (on the threshold from left / down or the driver’s door) and
connects to one of the schemes Command negative or Command positive. If the car has the facility COMFORT * the alarm is set for 11 sec./1 sec. (valid option only for CM 555).

Some cars (ex. OPEL astra some BMW models) have the option COMFORT * activated by a separated wire of the central locking.
In this case, the wire is connected to the output COMFORT * of the alarm (valid option only for CM 555).
* COMFORT – the windows to be opened or closed by pressing and holding a button on the remote control key fob (automatic lifting of power windows once you lock the the doors).

2-stage shock sensor

Stage I – pre warning
    In the case of a slight shock, the siren sounds 1 sec.
Stage II – warning
    If the shock is strong, it triggers the alarm for 20 sec.

The two stages are independently adjustable, and the level of triggering of warning is indicated by the 2 LEDs (green for pre warning and red alert for warning). Connecting the alarm is done with a cable with two jacks.
It is recommended that shock sensor installation to be done on the metal part of the car.

locking sensor

Shock Sensor

Service switch (valet)

service valet


It is used for:

a) Memorizing remotes
It puts the ignition key on position Ignition on and its press the red button for 6 sec. Entry into memory mode will be announced by 6 brief acoustic signals. After that is pressed one button on each remote control. Successful learning of any remotes will be followed by two, respectively three beeps. In the same mode is proceed and in case of loss a remote control(is memorized only the remaining remote control).

b) Disarming the alarm without remote control
Is unlocked the door with the key, insert the ignition key at the position Ignition on and press the red button once. At this time the siren will stop and the alarm will be disarmed.

c) Deactivating the alarm (valet mode)
If it is desired to interrupt all the alarm functions (except for the power door locks command), is put the ignition key to position Ignition on and it press the red button five times and the confirmation will be with three beeps. LED will be lit, and from remotes will command only the electric door locks. To return to the original state will resume the same operations (confirmation will be three flashes).

It is recommended that button installation to be done in a place hidden and protected from the possibility of being accidentally pressed.

Status LED

LED state

Status LED

a) Off
The alarm is disarmed

b) Slow Blinking
The system is armed and was not recorded any alarm.

c) Blinks Fast
The system is armed and has recorded at least one alarm.

d) On
The alarm is decommissioned (works only the Power door locks).

It is recommended that the placement of the LED to be done in a place with maximum visibility.


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