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Pedestrian protection system

In the event of a pedestrian impact, vehicles with such a system will increase the chances of survival of the affected pedestrians. This is made possible by making the front of the vehicle from less blunt materials and additionally by inflating an airbag special dissimulated under the hood.

Accidents involving pedestrians:

[In the EU, approximately 21% of fatal road accident victims are pedestrians. Mostly is the case of those persons older than 65 years.]

Traffic rules for pedestrians:

[Pedestrians must circulate only on sidewalks or on specially designed tracks, unless they are forced to travel on roads in undeveloped areas. In this case, it is recommended pedestrians to circulate on the left side of the road within the direction of their travel.]

Fewer fatal accidents

The number of fatal accidents involving pedestrians could be reduced by applying the following measures:

the creation of zones with speed limits
the creation of continuous sidewalks
proper illumination of the public area
the use of reflective devices
introducing changes in the design of the front of the vehicle.

Indirect approach

Indirect approach implements the reproduction of an car accident involving a pedestrian, which characteristics are assumed by an anthropomorphic model, and a automobile within determinate circumstances. The probable trajectories assumed by the pedestrian body, as consequence of the impact with a vehicle, may be grouped in five possible crash schemes.

Scenario A
it is the more frequent trajectory in crash at reduced speed (= 20 km/h).
Scenario B
it is the next more diffuse trajectory typology, the pedestrian barycentre is lower than bumper, so that it is the regular of incidents regarding kids or individuals having mean – small stature.
Scenario D
it takes place when the car impacts the pedestrian and decelerates rapidly. The pedestrian is load up the hood and it is projected in the direction of the windscreen or towards a vehicle side; after that it falls and slides on the ground, until the stop. In this instance the pedestrian assumes at speed ahead higher than one of the automobile in braking.
Scenario D
this trajectory occurs in both the situation of car in braking or not; in this case the automobile goes with a speed corresponding to 40 km/h regarding, this is a quite high speed for this type of automobile accident. The pedestrian is struck near to the vehicle side and is loaded up the bonnet being catapulted.
Scenario E
the trajectory described by the crashed pedestrian is similar to the previous. It happens when a pedestrian, having a gravity center really greater than the bumper, is lift in aire as a result of mixed effect of the impact velocity and of the auto form, when the automobile speeds up following the impact as well as when the automobile, having high speed (45÷60 km/h), does not slow down.

Pedestrian protection

Pedestrians accidents

Watch-Over system is provided with proximity sensors which enable the detection of pedestrians when they are near a vehicle, allowing the driver to avoid.

APROSYS have studied to what extent the changing the front of the vehicle can alleviate the shock impact on pedestrians in case of accident.

pedestrian crash

Vehicle – pedestrian crash

BMW developed a pedestrian protection system that uses cameras for the detection the pedestrians. Obviously, in case of imminent impact the car will brake automatically avoiding injury to pedestrians.
Company representatives argued that this system does not want to replace the driver’s reactions but offers additional protection if he is distracted by certain factors while he is driving.

Of all the systems introduced by Volvo in this area, the most interesting is the airbag for pedestrians, system that helped the Swedes to obtain the highest score for “pedestrian protection” to EuroNCAP in the history of the organization and to provide and the best Ranking of the V40 segment’s, model offered as standard with this safety system.

The system of safety behind the pedestrian airbag by Volvo involves seven sensors which check signals preceding an accident and detects whether subject with which the imminent impact is human. If the answer is positive, pedestrian airbag is triggered, moment when the hood is lifted ten centimeters with a special pyrotechnic system. The two elements help to create a space between the components of under the hood and pedestrian, space that can save the life of a pedestrian in the event of a serious accident or minimize the consequences of an easily accident.

Mercedes has made an active hood that can reduce the risk of injury to pedestrians and cyclists. If the system detects an impact, the rear of the hood got up by about five centimeters using spring force. It provides additional deformation space used to absorb the impact energy. This process takes only a split second.

The smooth body, the bumpers which absorb the impact energy, the door handles mounted at level, laminated windscreen, folding exterior mirrors and hidden windscreen wipers it has long been defining characteristics of Mercedes Benz models, their purpose being the protection of pedestrians. In addition, the spoiler lip is foam-filled and is mounted at the level on the front bumper and is integrated into all Mercedes-Benz vehicles, providing in advance a support evenly distributed to pedestrians in case of a collision.


Pedestrian safety essential

Order and Safety

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), no less than 6519 pedestrians were killed in the US in 2015. Further, a pedestrian dies st every 109 minutes and one is injured every 6 minutes. No fewer than 89,000 pedestrians were injured in 2015 worldwide.

In addition, studies show that the risk of a pedestrian being killed by a vehicle with 70 km/h is higher by 90% than if the speed would be 30 km/h.

The Watch-over system of short-range sensors detects when a vehicle is about to hit a pedestrian, enabling the driver to swerve or brake.


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