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Car Alarm Installation

Most alarms which can be installed even by the one that buy offers minimal protection. If you truly want to protect your car, call a specialized company for the installation of an advanced alarm.


Preparing for installation

  • 1. Gather required materials. You’ll need a scissors or a knife, soldering iron and soldering material, lamp test, power drill, screwdriver, double duct tape and a voltmeter.
  • 2. Read the manual with installation instructions.
    Be sure you understand what is write in the manual. If you bought the alarm from a specialised shop, then you can always ask for advice and installation modes.
  • 3. Call at company representative and inform the representative about the type of your car. Ask how to make connections in case when the car has central locking.
  • 4. Ask the representative what wires (what color) to choose for locking the doors and disable the starting system.
  • 5. Ask how to use the voltmeter to test the circuit for locking the doors.
  • 6. See where you have to put the components, according to the manual instructions.

Vehicle Car Alarm

Automobile Alarm Guide

The installation

  •  1. Install the siren under the hood on a solid surface. Place the siren face down to avoid the accumulation of moisture. Make connections for power supply.
  •  2. Connect alarm powered correctly to the battery.
  •  3. Put a fuse on the power cord near the battery. Read instructions about fuse type and measure.
  •  4. Mount the vibration sensor in the place specified by handbook.
  •  5. Make a hole in the dashboard where you want to place the LED for status indication. Connect the LED to the system and put it over the hole.
  •  6. Find the wires that acts closure system of the doors.
  •  7. Connect these wires to the alarm system.
  •  8. Using manual found the wires from the hazard warning lights.
  •  9. Connect the alarm to these lights.
  • 10. Localize central locking of the doors.
  • 11. Connect the circuit for central locking to alarm.
  • 12. From the starting system, connect the wires to the alarm to be able to interrupt starting in case the alarm is triggered.
  • 13. Mount the command panel under the dashboard.
  • 14. Connect all the wires to the alarm module.
  • 15. Mount the alarm module under the dashboard on a solid surface.
  • 16. Use duct tape to insulate the wires and tying them in bunches.
  • 17. Arms the alarm and test it.
Auto alarm guide

Car alarm components

The car alarm are electronic devices which have the role of protecting the vehicle the vehicle by optical and acoustic warning when an unwanted event occurs such us forced door opening, breakage, impact, etc.


  • You activate the alarm it should lock doors and vice versa. Arm it and unlock door with a key. Should alarm starts ringing.
  • If the alarm does not work check connections and the wires and then try again.


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