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Hybrid vehicle

Hybrid cars are still the center of attention primarily because of advanced technology propulsion. A hybrid car due to lower fuel consumption significantly reduce total cost of possession (TCO). Moreover, due to the level of emissions which often is superior to the regulations in force, buyers of electric cars are helped by the state in granting a subsidy at purchase.

Propulsion systems that are composed besides a conventional internal combustion engine, at least one able to provide torque traction to the wheels of the car, on the one hand, and to recover some of the kinetic energy in deceleration phases on the other hand, are known as hybrid transmission.

Currently, hybrid cars are the best compromise between a conventional propulsion car (petrol or diesel) and electric one, in terms of dynamic performances and consumption. We can say that is an intermediate stage of development towards fully electric propulsion vehicles.
It’s no secret that, on most cars, driving in the city increases fuel costs. Hybrids don’t behave like most cars. For a start, they recycle energy and have two engines working in harmony and the system recycles kinetic energy to charge the battery.

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