Definition – TCS, the acronym for the Traction Control System is the equivalent of the ASR, ETC or TC terms and refers to the traction control system by preventing traction wheel rotation, enhancing road stability. TCS systems primarily operate either by electronically controlling the engine power which is lowered when the system is acted upon or by turning the wheel brake with a twisting tendency.

Today’s cars are equipped with all kinds of accessories and systems that make them easy to drive. On a car safety systems play an essential role in ensuring a good runs in traffic and for the protection of driver and passengers. Amongst these systems is also the traction control TC, which has an extremely important role in ensuring a trouble-free path on the road approached.



Traction control system

Traction Control System is the name for the active safety system integrated in general in the ESP and that requires information transmitted by the ABS system for operation. A integrated function of electronic stability system ESP to most of the modern cars, this system is designed to keep control the slippage or drive wheel skidding in difficult driving conditions.

Traction control system has the same role with an incipient limited slip differential, being particularly useful in conditions where the wheels reach various grip surfaces, for example a wheel catch a portion of ice. Traction control system detects the speed difference between wheels through ABS speed sensors and controls how the wheels brakes, triggering first the wheel with a higher speed.

If a wheel begins to slip, the engine computer systematically reduce the amount of fuel injected, so that engine power and therefore thrust that must be transmitted is reduced.

[Traction Control - TC is a system that limits the power transmitted to the wheels to prevent slippage, which in vehicles with powerful engines and / or rear-wheel drive could lead to total loss of control in starting phases. The system can be found on vehicles with front-wheel drive or integral 4×4 as option.]

Most of the cars have an onboard alarm lamp that lights up when the traction control system senses slippage. When this happens, it is important to reduce vehicle speed and maintain the forward direction. In snow conditions many drivers do not want to stop to avoid the wheels to skate again when they want to leave the place.

We hence detach traction control system advantages:

  • keeps the vehicle’s handling by limiting excessive skid and keeping the wheels within the limits of adherence;
  • improves traction;

It is always useful traction control?

Traction control systems were designed to help drivers when running on slippery roads. In recent years, many drivers have developed a false sentiments of confidence and they trust in these systems greatly in dangerous conditions. When driving in adverse weather conditions is essential to understand what is the purpose each system and what signals it gives when operating.
Traction control systems have not been and will never be designed to help drivers on icy or snowy. However, if a car is equipped with traction control, anti lock brake system and with winter tires, road safety in snow conditions can be improved.

dynamic stability control

TCS control button

However, there are moments when traction control system is not at all helpful. The moment a car gets stuck in sand, snow or mud and driving wheels are slipping easily, TC system will effectively use the brakes or cut off engine power, so that its drive wheels hardly will whirl and the engine will not shift at all. Then, it is necessary to deactivate the system to allow the wheels to slip, something that most cars allow it, both separately and together with the ESP system. Without system deactivation, unblocking the vehicle is almost impossible without external aid.

Remember about ASR:

[Operation of traction control system is completely automatic, the driver having nothing to do, he just noticing system intervention when the warning light in the dashboard (same as that of ESP) lights and, on some models, is sounds more stronger the intervention of the braking system, sound closer to that of ABS system intervention. ]


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    Laszlo Bacarat

    When the TCS Light is on, it means that the traction control system is not working and it will be shut off completely.

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    Best view i have ever seen with TCS with E90 lci!

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