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Driving Assistant Soft

Driving Assistant Software retrive all the computer data and provides an excellent information of your car internals parts. It indicates exactly how economical you are at driving a vehicle, how tough the outside conditions are or how good your ride feels.

Helping to economize gas and additionally make sure you keep informed about any kind of engine problems.

Drive wise, economize substantial.

Learn to make modest improvements in your driving behavior that will result in big cost savings on gasoline as time passes. Auto observes your current driving pattern and offers you gradual audio hints whenever you carry out stuff that waste gas such as rough braking, fast accelerating, and speeding over seventy miles (100 km/h) per hour. That way, you can make an informed decision on whether to stay or keep driving.

Tour timeline

Auto keeps track of any trip you are taking, displaying range and miles per gallon—even (km per liter) for a little older automobiles that don’t own a fuel-efficiency display screen.

Maintain your motor healthy and balanced.

With Automated External link attached to your car’s onboard computer system, you will find out precisely what’s bad any time that small “check engine” signal lights up.

Always remember the place where you parked.

Intelligent software with GPS coordinates or photos, always remembers where you parked, so that you don’t need to forget when you car is in crowded places or unknown.

Accident Alarm.

In case you’re ever in your life in a severe crash, automatic will sense it and electronically warn or call 9-1-1 112 nearby authorities—in situation you can’t.

Automobile Compatibility

Driving Assistant will work in the majority of cars produced since 1996. But you can use other features of the program even if you have an older car.

Lost your connection? You can still start and end trips, no matter what happens.

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Download this software [from a no limit high-speed server with no waiting time, but with private access (in the first phase you receive the download address and password to login)] !
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    Is good for all drivers, provides you with all info you need on the road. Come for smartphone or onboard computer.

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    Incredible software. Great features. Keep up the good work.

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