OBD BlackBox Cam

The perfect application for your mobile device consisting of driving video route recorder with Gps navigation feature and car-diagnosis monitoring with OBD-II unit.

Besides analyzing the computer data that come from your Bluetooth OBD adapter, this cam app is aimed at serving as a blackbox for your automobile in case there is any accidents. You’re able to select what things to retain, by simply pressing the display screen, while you drive.

It will make use of your cell phone video camera to record footage of your journey, together with crash detection, coupled with overlay Global positioning satellite position and stick to the car’s essential, therefore in case there is a collision you may have extra possibilities to demonstrate whose fault it had been at the moment.

Software that come with OBD BlackBox Cam helps maintain clear images longer through the use of Ultra-violet filter that protects digital camera lens from the sunlight. It absorbs unwanted Uv ray and transfers visible illumination that come from the sun rays. A variety of filters that maintain best image quality are offered.

The app will clear accumulated errors that fire up the motor check bulb and could turn your engine or transmission in safe mode at a minimum acceptable time.

The sensor information originating from the OBD will show your vehicle performance and stats in real time, down to “suspicious fuel consume” or “MPG (Miles per gallon) or Km/h (kilometre per hour) without idling/traffic jam”. You can also have live street info from Google Maps so you can avoid traffic and choose the best route.

You could try GPS Maps and Soft and OBD Scanner App also for your car.

Download this software [from a no limit high-speed server with no waiting time, but with private access (in the first phase you receive the download address and password to login)] !
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