The automatic system of dialing the emergency number 112 in case of a accident.

["eCall is an project in order to deliver fast help to road users involved in a crash anywhere in the European Union."]
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Depending on how the emergency services work in various countries, this system automatically calls the emergency number in case the airbag triggering and send the geographical coordinates of vehicle for localization easily and rapidly. If occurs an accident severely in an area with less traffic and the driver or occupants are unable to call the emergency services (due to the traumas suffered), the system will prove crucial, minimizing the time reaction of emergency responders teams (ambulance, extrication, fire, police).
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“ECall” means an emergency call from the vehicle to 112, made either automatically via activation of sensors in the vehicle, either manually transmitting via wireless communication mobile networks, a minimum set of standard data and establishes an audio channel between persons inside the vehicle and the most appropriate response center in emergencies. “MSD – minimum data set” means information such as accident location, direction of travel, date and time of the accident, the vehicle identification number. Mandatory equipment for all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles starting January 1, 2018 (originally set for October 1, 2014 but postponed for technical reasons). The eCall system, which automatically launches emergency calls in the event of an accident, has become mandatory with the entry into force of a regulation on the European Union. Cars fitted with eCall can alert the nearest emergency response center anywhere, transmitting the exact location where the accident occurred, even if the passengers are seriously injured and unable to speak.

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