Centrifugal Force

When a car changes its direction of movement, centrifugal force acts on it and try to push it towards the outer turn. Formula of the centrifugal force is:
 Fcf = m x v2 / r, and r is the radius of the turn

The formula indicates that the value of the centrifugal force increases with the square of the speed simultaneously. Is the force acting over the vehicle in curve and that tends to move it outwardly. If this force is greater than the grip, the vehicle starts to skid.


Also, at a certain speed on a narrower turn (with a smaller radius) will produce a high centrifugal force than of a softer turn (with a radius greater). The amount of centrifugal force requires an amount at least equal to the resistance forces (of reaction) at the level of tires to keep the car on the the running surface. The tires can be regarded as some springs arranged between the wheels of the car and turn the center (located on the radius of the turn). If the value of the centrifugal force is too high and tires can not resist it, then one or both of the outer springs will break and the car will come out off the road.


Centrifugal force describes the sensation a person has to be pushed outward when moving along a circular path. The feeling of being pushed out, when you are in a vehicle and accelerating immediately after a corner or while you are in a carousel, comes from your preference to move in a straight line. Isaac Newton has demonstrated that all objects have inertia either to remain at rest or are moved in a straight line, unless a force acts on them.


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