Is alarm useless on cars?

Presumably you have an alarm system on the car, huh? It is currently almost “mandatory”, as the air conditioner. People who have a car, be it cheap or something more expensive, feel that they lack something if do not mount the alarm. Of course, this is at first glance. If you stood to think at little cold, you’d realize that a car alarm is unnecessary and may be “eluded” very easily. Alarm that came from the factory is a kind of bonus, is good for insurance, you receive a discount every year because you have alarm installed on the car.But people do not think the right way and have the feeling that their car is protected by an alarm, especially when it has a lot of sensors and a lot of functions. Many of them may not even ever use it.

Car alarm is an electronic device designed to protect the vehicle with optical or acoustic warning generally emitted by a buzzer, horn, a recorded voice, or even a combination of them when an undesirable event occurs such as: impact, breaking, forced opening of the door or luggage compartment.

car alarm useful

auto theft

A study in the UK shows that only 18% of those passing by a car whose alarm sounds give it some attention. Meaning they take a quick look, without doing anything else (source). People have used so much with alarms, that no longer give importance to. Eventually they swear them when are at home and try to relax.

It’s good and an alarm installed properly, because besides electronic immobilizer that blocks fuel injection, if the thief does not have the chip in the key with the proper code, you have a relay lock for starter motor or injection pump from tank, and once the alarm sounds the relay cutting off the pump supply even if you put the contact, is not coming fuel in ramp injection or high-pressure injection pump in case of diesel. In EU is prohibited shock sensor alarms. Are OK those from doors and ones of inside motion. Some people did not put the alarm only for fear of thieves, it happens to receive various “gifts” from neighbors car, a remnant of something, etc. and it’s better to be notified when you have such surprises, are alarms that announces on pager of such events, whether you forget a window open, some alarms have inclusive remote engine start, at winter is nice to get to the car and find warm inside, very useful when it’s freezing at a car without heated seats, additional features not available on a car without alarm. Plus it’s the feeling you have that are announced of something bad on the automobile, is something mentally for your inner peace. Full Coverage Auto Insurance protect you from thieves, with alarm you feel closer and more connected to the car, complement each other.

Why are useless the alarms?

 Because thieves have specialized long ago and are beyond what can provide the alarms in protection field. If a thief wants to steal your car of 60,000 $, will surely make whatever buzzer car alarm of 1,000 $ you have installed on it. Because there will always be thieves to fool your alarm. So what counts as truly be protected, is that the thief to not put eyes on your car.
Well, if you have some money and a car of tens / hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can mount a GPS tracking system. But with less than $ 50 give on a GSM Jammer you remove from service any alarm with GPS location … so … this either can not handle a determined thief.
Yet perhaps you are thinking of buying cars below 1,000 dolars and have “solved” the problem but statistics say that the cars that are stolen the most are those under 1000 $, with or without alarm!

alarm useless

useless car alarm

You say that not all thieves are professionals. That is true, but those who are not professionals will not complicate to steal your car. They will break a window and quickly search through the glove compartment and door pockets hoping that you left there GSP system, a phone, a camera, etc. And will run in 10 seconds, without caring that the alarm makes like a fire engine.

There are many who do not have car alarm, nor will ever put because they feel is pointless. More efficient, but very uncomfortable and unsightly are those pieces of metal, anti-theft system that block the wheel or steering wheel and brakes. Although there are probably remedy also for that too.

We want or not but our cars are not protected by no one besides fate.


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    I say it’s not, now it depends on where you live.

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