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Car of the Future

The car of the future: a big universal smartphone with deck chairs / sun loungers inside?
The automobile is evolving and the car that we see now, it will be increasingly different in the coming years. Every year we see concepts and prototypes that are becoming more and more daring. If the electric car has become a common, now we see Google driverless car on U.S. roads using special sensors with Chauffeur software and GPS assistance. Thanks to autopilot, passengers but also the driver can watch movies, play or even can drink coffee while the aoto vehicle takes them to their destination.

When people begin to think of ideas for future cars of course many of them include the ability to fly. One of the concepts is “gliding machine”, it has two seats and hovers a meter of land and is easy to handle. The car uses Electromagnetic road networks to get from one point to another. A computer attached to the automobile detects any sudden obstacles and reduce speed to avoid accidents.

There are new features and security standards.
A car with the latest features today is equipped with active safety systems such as auto brake – a system that brakes when is danger of collision with another car, pedestrian detection and protection system – sensors in the front of the car are able to detect any contact with a pedestrian, at which time under the front hood is released an air cushion that protects him from contact with the windshield, anothers sensors that helps the driver not to exceed the lane that circulates and the system that detects vehicles on dead point.

How many car accidents could be avoided if those who are driving should be more careful, less tired and not drunk driving? Many injuries are the result of a state of irritation, which may have disastrous effects. A group of scientists has developed a prototype of a so-called “black boxes” – a “smart” tool to help the people driving to avoid accidents, preventing them from driving when they are not in a position to make no downside risks. This prototype is able to analyze facial features to identify the seven universal emotions (fear, anger, joy, sadness, disgust, surprise and suspicion) and can, therefore, understand that we are, for example, nervous. Obviously, driving a car in a state of irritation is not an ideal situation and can lead to injuries more or less serious.

See the trace of automobile industry left in the world.

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