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Car owners will always agree with choosing the most effective ways of securing the car, for which, will seek to purchase the most safe alarm systems. New cars are equipped from the factory with power door locks, but if you break down the old system, it is necessary to perform some repairs or to buy for installation a new module. It will be hard to choose from the first a compatible variant, cheap and that meets all your requirements. That’s why, we inform you about which are the few most important selection criteria for a easy choice.
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Compatibility: must be valid for the standard locking system of the car doors, which shall be distributed in: pneumatic / mechanical locking systems and electrical / automatic sealing systems. If you want to have the certainty that the module chosen for closing will fit to car properly, no matter what automobile you have, opt for one that can mount and adjust whether the doors are hydraulically or electrically. Most of the best performing products include an additional cable at assembly for doors with mechanical sealing principle, so it can be properly connected. The cable will be removed when, on the contrary, your car turns off automatically if you use the key only on driver’s door. To be avoided modules that do not specified these terms, because you can have unpleasant surprises when you try to perform a adequate installation. Last but not least, each lock piece for every door should be fitted with a little engine actuator type, which is powered from the car battery and works independently from standard locking system already integrated vehicle.
Alarm included: does not necessarily make a good job, especially in big cities, where you have all the chances to park away from home, and is nearly impossible to hear it when the alert is triggered. Almost all examples of products marketed in the USA have and alarm incorporated, besides blocking system, but it is important that it can be used preferentially. Otherwise, if your alarm is triggered at a chestnut fallen on the roof or in the presence of some animal, you will not only do anything else than to succeed to disturbing neighbors or be woken up unnecessarily.
Module typology: may be with key or have electronic control. If you want to opt for the safest version, choose one with key, but can be activated and by remote control, often it is attached even to the car keys. When you can afford to invest in the latest technology, counts on electronic version, which is the most convenient alternative, proven and by relatively enough opinions about the best modules with central locking. We suggest you to buy one with signal in a double sense, that does not only transmits commands to the car, but receives the changes made directly in the car, so not to need personal check when the doors were indeed sealed.
Useful functions: form the assembly that gives you purchase motivation and must include: remote control, preferably on multiple units, simple and adjustable settings directly from the remote control, additional systems of blocking at detection of attempted sabotage. Among the settings that should be possible include: opening and closing for doors, open the trunk, and stop alarm activation. Additional options of the latest generation include: automatic blocking of pedal when starting unauthorized, disabling the locking module by reading fingerprint or GPS function with detection of position of the car, all very useful in preventing auto theft, but relatively costly as features. For most comfortable of the users, we can mention options such as: luminous signaling for easy finding in large parking, automatic lifting and lowering of windows or automatic rearming after a few seconds from opening.
Producing company: it will interest you when you know that you have owned a similar module and was compatible or are you advised from various sources, to choose a quality product. Among the most respected suppliers from whose offers have all chances to choose the best central locking module, we mention Viper and Carguard. Nor other companies such as Magicar, PNI or KeeTec may not be considered outdone. If you manage to find cheaper products and that meets all the requirements above, you have no reason not to resort to new companies in the trade in U.S., on this segment of the market.
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Based on all these indications you can define valid arguments why is better a model with remote control, what options are most useful for you and where there are central locking modules at good prices. On careful analysis, we found that offers that can be ordered on the internet are much more favorable than for the same products in the the car shop. So it is inspired to buy online the system, benefiting from discounts and having the opportunity to have the same guarantee certificate. For those who discover that the product does not match the car held exists option to return the order.