Safety Cell

A crash is actually a contest among impact energy and your automobile safety features. You want every thing possible in your favor.

In the new models, the structural protection will go a step forward than before. Smartly positioned high tensile steel sheets (beneath and also to the sides) help in keeping the body rigorous. Impact energy in frontal and rear impacts is actually absorbed by crumple areas and transfered away from passengers through various load paths. Primary load paths for side impact are super high-strength centre pillars, cross beams, door intrusion beams and center roof bar.

Should there be a collision, all these help protect every occupants in the car from no matter what is happening outdoor. The body was designed to deflect and also absorb accident energy in front-on and side crashes.

Advanced ring-shaped reinforcement frame

Especially adapted for the hybrid powertrain, this kind of design links the roof, side pillars and floor together to produce a extra-strong safety cell.

safety cell

Reinforcement structure

<Protective rigid cell made of steel, which works with side protection bars of the doors to minimize the impact of a collision>

High-strength passenger cell

If safety systems have been overfulfilled from various reasons and severe collisions are inevitable, vehicle occupant protection is provided primarily by very solid safety cell, in cooperation with passive safety systems.

Convertible cars are characterized by a total lack of certain technical elements in resistance structure of bodywork designed to ensure a high degree of stiffness (longitudinal and transverse arches) and protection of occupants in a rollover are provided with additional reinforcements and terminals protection in the event of a overturns, which may be fixed or may be expandable with pyrotechnic trigger.

[The occupants compartment is strengthened with good toughness elements, in areas susceptible to excessive loads within a accident, to be able to manage a survival space for the car passengers.]

Reinforcement structure

This style and design strengthens the passenger compartment by connecting the roof to the side pillars and the floor. Therefore, impact energy coming from all directions will be dissipated and after that redirected away from the driver cabin. A front crumple zone as well as an engine intended to glide underneath the passenger compartment offer additional protection in case of a frontal impact.

This kind of design have been further supported thru renewed bumper beams, a reinforced counterforce support framework plus the addition of high tensile durability steel to crucial places intended for better protection in the eventuality of a rollover or a direct impact received from any direction.

Safety cage

Passenger cell f

The passenger cell forms the hard core of passive safety, enveloping the vehicle’s occupants in a high-strength safety cage. This remarkable level of security is achieved as follows:

  • A continuous cross member for the back car seats
  • Cross member in the form of an extruded lightweight alloy section extending between the A-pillars beneath the dashboard
  • Transversely inflexible bracing of the load compartment utilizing a cross member below it
  • Enhanced usage of high and ultra-high-strength sheet steel, along with customized blanks with partly graduated wall thicknesses

OTHER THING – more work should be done on the safety cell – at a multiple, repeated impact, in a fraction of milliseconds or seconds when an accident occurs on the highway, or express roads to US ….. the first blow let’s say you escape relatively easy, airbags, absorption zones, etc., but what do you do when the next car that comes in and you did not run into the field ……?


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