Car Alarm

CCar alarm is an electronic device that is designed to protect the vehicle through optical or acoustic warning when it it occurs on an undesirable event such as hitting, burglary, forced opening of the door or the trunk. An early version of a car alarm for use as a theft intimidation was invented by an unknown prisoner from Denver in 1913.Because there are items that can be sold quite easily be whole, either on pieces appear increasingly more car thieves prepared with various methods that to steal a car. For the same reason many people are investing in complicated systems of car alarms. Find out in this article how it works exactly a car alarm and how protects your car.

The vast majority that factory systems are based can provide at most protection in case of theft through function Key Imobilizer (Failure to start the car without the original key – mean the engine can not start until the immobilizer does not receives the electronic approval from a CHIP that is in the car key) but does not provide complete protection like that of a dedicated Car Alarm, with features like alert the driver via pager or mobile phone if the security system is triggered thanks to numerous sensors installed in the vehicle.

Car Auto Alarm

Auto Alarm

At the present time the vast majority of the new cars are equipped with basic security systems since factory that however did not ensure protection afforded by a car alarm.

AA simple car alarm consists of a number of sensors connected to a siren. The sensors are connected to the driver’s door, and at the time they are trigger the alarm goes on notifying you that something is wrong and it is time to act. Car alarms have become indispensable devices for any automobile. Modern Car Alarms have more complex and elaborate systems through which it activates, and also by which protects the car. Thus, a proper car alarm is equipped with a series of sensors which include switches, pressure sensors and motion detectors, a siren (for which you can choose from a range of sounds), a radio receiver by which to be able to control remotely what happens with the car, auxiliary battery – if the thief disconnects the alarm from the car battery, it can operate without problems, a control unit that keeps under surveillance everything that happens to the car alarm. Other functions which also you can encounter at car alarms refers to anti-tow sensors (at the time sensors detect someone trying to steal the car by towing it triggers the alarm), pet-sensitive sensors (for the alarm to go off if you keep in no car a dog or cat), open the trunk without deactivating the system, raising and lowering the windows by remote control, headlight remote switching, etc

Display Touch alarm

Auto Pager Alarm

The new generation of car alarms are intelligent devices that can learn vibrations or communicate with the driver phone. Often when it is raining, with thunders or lightning the alarm is triggered on the car (are called false alarms). This usually happens at older generation alarms. Nowadays, alarms are designed to learn the recognition of different vibrations so the device will know when to be triggered (that would do the difference between the vibrations generated by thunder and an effective attempts car break by an offender). Regarding the engine starts, there is a system whereby you can start the car by remote control in order to heat the car during winter or to operate the air conditioning in summer, and on some models you can monitor and control the car directly from your smartphone or tablet.

When you choose an alarm you should consider several factors such as brand of the car that you have, functions that may apply to your model, the level of protection you want, brand alarm, the sensors sensitivity, sustainability, durability in time of the alarm and last but not least and very important by the person who install it, (is recommend buying car alarms only from specialized firms to benefit from a professional installation or otherwise, you may have troubles with the compatibility of the alarm with your car and with the system security efficiency).

Car alarms prices varies according to their type and brand from 100 $ and it goes event to 1,700 $. From the auto market we can buy alarms made by different manufacturers: Viper, Clifford, Hornet, UNGO, Omega, Avital, Crime Stopper, Pyle, ScyTek, Python, Maat, etc.


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