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We present the most important information from the world of cars, where automotive industry are heading and what expectations we have of our future car. Find programs gathered from multiple places with instructions for use, updated gps maps, device applications and many more.

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OOn automobilesoft.net you can find free manuals for your cars. Guidance for repair, maintenance and care, the presentation of technical systems (components and operation) for different car models: Opel, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Ford, BMW, General Motors, Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, Dodge, Mazda, Lincoln, Buick, Chevrolet, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, etc.

As we have seen lately, there is a strong trend for autonomus electric and hybrid cars, which has to do with concern over global warming and the environment in general, all major automobile manufacturers have launched and released such vehicles. Here on this site are the latest information about what lies ahead in the automotive world, what we can expect: cars will be powered entirely by alternative energy, futuristic cars who fly and therefore automobiles that we can not call them cars but mini planes, may be we get further and will experience nuclear fusion in vehicles. Let’s just hope we catch a little of the times when we even see these vehicles.

CCan I repair the car myself? Sounds like a question whose answer is simple: if you’re skilled you can fix yourself car and if you are not let the professionals do it. A study reveals that 27% of drivers say they repair the car themselves. This should not surprise us, perhaps because of the high prices demanded by authorized automobile repair shops or passion for cars this percentage is increasing from year to year.

The most common car problems encountered in the past year were mechanical, in proportion of 30% and 25% wear problems with other components. A significant percentage of 35% say they had no problem with the car in the last 12 months. So if you decide to try first the reapair by yourself, then the site comes to help with various diagnostic programs, tips and step by step manuals to not let you make mistakes when you’re not sure what to do next.

OOne of the devices that has become always present in recent times is GPS unit. If until 10 years ago most of the drivers who go to traveling had on the car dashboard a classic maps made of paper now all have a GPS navigation device. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation structure composed of a system of twenty four satellites set into orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense. The satellite data is totally free and operates all over the world.

The revolution began in the 90s when many companies have started producing GPS devices and therefore their price started to fall increasingly more until they become accessible to all. Now it’s even easier to own a GPS unit for navigation module is included in all the phones that are on sale at this time. This site offers programs for navigation and maps for any region of the world, so if you want updated new maps come to automobilesoft.net.

CCars tunned – all about tuning to another level. Read all about auto tuning, how to modify cars and what performance can reach or learn from the best about tuning, tuning accessories, tuning parts and tuning ideas. Automobiles have always been subject to after-market modification because we are different as people and we want our cart o represent us and and be different as we.

Areas of modification go to the greatest possible performance to the appearance of high performance, meaning may be a change in performances or a visual change of the car. Car tuning can be done to: audio (custom audio installation with highest quality reception), interior modification (may be be a luxury one or a spartan made for racing), engine tuning (modifying the operating characteristics of mechanical and electronic elements), suspension tuning, body tuning and tires. Automobilesoft provides you with software for ECU tuning and design programs for visual tuning projects. Now when installing these programs you can change the car’s onboard computer and forcing the engine upper limits.

FFrom year to year the car is becoming more and more technological, with many mechanical components closely related to the electronic ones. If at first the car was purely mechanical , now it is becoming increasingly electronic, and this has disadvantages and advantages. One of the disadvantages is that now you can not repair the car yourself easily and another would be of course the price of repairing or change of parts.

The advantage is that in the era of communication where most electronic devices can communicate with each other, we can also make a easy connection with our car and analyze the car performance or fuel consumption, diagnose a specific car problem by analyzing the OBD codes with a simple computer or diagnosis unit.AutomobileSoft.net offers all these programs that are needed to intermediate communication between PC and car, software that might be required to a driver or passionate automobile enthusiast.

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