Temperatures are falling and it is time for the autumn trip. Prepare your car and family and hit the road. Visit a city or major tourist attractions. Go with your car to the DIY store or mall. Whatever the adventure, here we offer some tips and tricks that can make your trip safer and better.
car tips and tricks for fall

Autumn mirror car

Any memorable autumn begins and ends with a special song in a suitable car. The fall is undoubtedly the best season to drive a car. In fact, many world capitals and cities are delightful in this season when the temperature is pleasant and the lower prices. The roads are clear, the sun is still shining and almost any outdoor activity can be realized. To enjoy the most of what it can offer this time of year, you really need a proper car. Here are some ideas in this regard:

Check out the brakes and the tires

Bad weather associated with road conditions or other hazards encountered in traffic requires a good stop system. That means good brakes and tires. Experts tell us that if the tires have a high degree of attrition or are older than 5 years, they must be replaced. You also need to check the tire pressure to make sure you have grip on the road.

Check out the lights

Walk around the entire vehicle and check the functioning of all lights, headlights, taillights, parking lights, brake and emergency lights. Replace broken or burnt bulbs. Make sure all of them are clean. If you drive an older vehicle with phase headlights sealed, you can use halogen lamps for improved visibility and safety driving.

Replace the wiper blades

The purpose of the blades is to completely clean the windshield. The wiper blades cracked, used, will not face to the rainfall characteristic of autumn months. Check the wiper rubber blade to make sure it is flexible and it works.

Check the heating system

Driving without a heating system is certainly not too comfortable when temperatures are lower. But what is more important has to do with the installation of demisting: the hot air ventilator from the windshield and the rear window installation.

Check out the battery

To start the engine during cold weather you need a fully charged battery. In this case you should have the battery checked by a auto technician and who in case can also replace it. If you see any signs of corrosion on the battery terminals or cable terminations or if identify a poor connection, means that the battery of your car needs attention.

Change the air and oil filter

If the oil is messy or has passed the maximum period of usage you would have to replace it. Also check the air filter to make sure it is clean enough to function properly. In case in which the light is not visible when you hold it upward to a 60 watt light bulb it is time to replace it.

Check under the hood

A simple lift of the hood helps you spot the signs of wear or items that require replacement. Look for leaks, cracks, check the inner part of the drive belts. If you notice a noise at the motor, go to an authorized mechanic to inspect the engine and begin the necessary repairs.

Check liquid levels

This checking includes the liquid together with transmission oils, along with transmission oils, brake, power steering and not least the quality of antifreeze. Make sure all are above the required minimum and refill if necessary.

Constantly cleanse the car

Although this advice applies to any season, in case of cool weather or heavy rainfall is more important to have clean car. That’s because every car has under the hood a drain grille to remove rainwater, and if the car is not washed there is a risk of depositing the dust, leaves, dirt.
car autumn preparing

Fall Automobile Tips

Just because because Fall has come does not mean you can not go to travel. To be prepared, you must first make sure that the technical condition of the car is exceptional. In addition, if you prepare your car for a long road it means that you preparing it for the winter which is knocking at the door. These are practices that should not overlook them!


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