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We have been always fascinated by cars.
Automotive industry is on top of the largest lucrative in the world, therefore are a lot of money that are put into advertising. There are plenty of shows and magazines specialized just in the automotive field.

Automakers are competing in creativity and originality when it comes to promoting their own brand. Because we all like funny ads, interesting, unusual, those in charge of marketing and realization of advertising material for various car companies, create more and more ads designed to arouse laughing to consumers and provide visibility to the organization on a crowded market.

TOP Subscribers

Here is YouTube Top 20 Most Subscribed Autos & Vehicles Channels List:

Video ProducerReport
24 Hour
Sub +/-
7 Day
Sub +/-
Video ProducerReport
24 Hour
Sub +/-
7 Day
Sub +/-
Motor Trend ChannelMotor Trend Channel YouTube Channel16,298,3712841,80117,0591.5K1,837 B
smotraTVsmotraTV YouTube Channel

22,062,3026792,13720,970350340.7 M
colinfurzecolinfurze YouTube Channel32,037,2806932,06428,206127201.5 M
/DRIVE/DRIVE YouTube Channel41,586,4319775023,9461.1K304.5 M
Jay Leno’s GarageJay Leno's Garage YouTube Channel51,487,00710734634,371457195.9 M
1320video1320video YouTube Channel61,082,81516007666,289804399.3 M
DragtimesInfoDragtimesInfo YouTube Channel7978,20518102041,962710393.9 M
Car ThrottleCar Throttle YouTube Channel8890,50820241,1159,385318139.2 M
Saabkyle04Saabkyle04 YouTube Channel9849,69921395644,6491.8K375.3 M
EricTheCarGuyEricTheCarGuy YouTube Channel10721,30125954103,533676120.9 M
Shmee150Shmee150 YouTube Channel11637,09030047387,2022.6K244.8 M
Car and Driver MagazineCar and Driver Magazine YouTube Channel12607,9153192476871K124.4 M
CanalD2MCanalD2M YouTube Channel13543,70536515354,18452666.7 M
That Racing ChannelThat Racing Channel YouTube Channel14528,27137612792,179569200.7 M
BMWBMW YouTube Channel15527,57837681841,651758124.2 M
AutocarAutocar YouTube Channel16519,67738311041,101864220.6 M
querlyquerly YouTube Channel17511,57938829874,17823155 M
TheSmokingTireTheSmokingTire YouTube Channel18503,38539434352,62040395.7 M
EVOEVO YouTube Channel19480,71341684252,87066197.3 M
Audi DeutschlandAudi Deutschland YouTube Channel20461,82343665735077664.4 M

But the channel that which lead detached the top is of course TOP GEAR:

Top Gear is a British (BBC) television series about motor vehicles, primarily cars, and the most widely watched factual television programme in the world. So of course their youtube channel is as well one of the most watched
if we add the number of viewings and one that has among the most of the Subscribers.

Top Gear Top

Top Gear


Want to watch a bit of Top Gear on the interweb? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube.
All the iconic films are here – from Richard’s epic race against the Eurofighter to Clarkson’s office drive in that tiny Peel P50. You can also relive the boys’ biggest challenges – including amphibious cars and that trip across America.
Add to that a bunch of stars in our reasonably priced car, the odd explosive stunt and a ton of Stig power laps and everything’s covered. Just browse using our playlists for comprehensive clip listings or search by most viewed or discussed.
And don’t forget that there’s shedloads more clips in the video vault at http://www.topgear.com

topgear Youtube Channel

Top Gear ( Shows )

Subscriber Rank:


View Rank:








TOP Views

Here is YouTube Top 20 Most Viewed Autos & Vehicles Video Producers:

Video ProducerReport
7 Day
24 Hour
Sub +/-
Video ProducerReport
7 Day
24 Hour
Sub +/-
Motor Trend ChannelMotor Trend Channel YouTube Channel

1987,362,3854015,639,2532,2001.5K3.7 MTweet
RaceGroovesRaceGrooves YouTube Channel2423,596,27611472,371,1031901.4K340 KTweet
1320video1320video YouTube Channel3401,066,65012322,672,5405998091.1 MTweet
DragtimesInfoDragtimesInfo YouTube Channel4394,719,68612491,174,912214711980 KTweet
Saabkyle04Saabkyle04 YouTube Channel5376,664,34713121,964,9978761.8K854 KTweet
smotraTVsmotraTV YouTube Channel6342,477,64914792,726,6611,5043502.1 MTweet
High Tech CorvetteHigh Tech Corvette YouTube Channel7323,543,6961574941,808135896339 KTweet
/DRIVE/DRIVE YouTube Channel8305,242,80516801,051,8333991.1K1.6 MTweet
YouCarYouCar YouTube Channel9298,126,11717391,897,7163036.2K385 KTweet
Hot WheelsHot Wheels YouTube Channel10284,023,77318502,364,008189887253 KTweet
GTBOARD.comGTBOARD.com YouTube Channel11274,339,9221920792,668673.4K205 KTweet
RNickeyMouseRNickeyMouse YouTube Channel12254,690,3552101822,92390221254 KTweet
GumbalGumbal YouTube Channel13254,584,68421032,197,4352641.7K350 KTweet
spamsafespamsafe YouTube Channel14252,266,28321272,526,091248593270 KTweet
Shmee150Shmee150 YouTube Channel15246,049,95621931,837,5848132.7K642 KTweet
InsideLineVideoInsideLineVideo YouTube Channel16243,135,177223766,494-71.7K102 KTweet
worldcarfansworldcarfans YouTube Channel17222,753,7462454246,525193.7K81 KTweet
MarchettinoMarchettino YouTube Channel18222,170,5562465785,8761371.7K313 KTweet
AutocarAutocar YouTube Channel19220,976,8942483586,597132864521 KTweet
FastLaneDailyFastLaneDaily YouTube Channel20213,650,2582567253,549582.5K297 KTweet


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