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How to prepare your car for summer

Hot weather has seriously entered in it’s rights. And that means that not just the wardrobe and physical appearance must be adapted to heat, but also the car. And to not be taken by surprise, we encourage drivers to consider the following guidelines for preparing the car for the summer, many of which are logical and of common sense. Obviously, you can overlook the needs of the car and leave in the summer time as you passed in the winter, but if you love your car and if you don’t want unpleasant and costly surprises, it would not be wrong to read on:

After a winter so hard, when the car was put to the tortures of all kinds, would not be bad at all to prepare it for the summer season that begins now!


  • UV rays affect the paint, so it’s good that after exiting the winter to apply a wax treatment on car body.
  • Check and replace windshield wipers and rear window wiper. If you live in an area where it snows abundantly, it is more likely that they had a lot of work during the winter. Furthermore lower temperatures favor the damage of the wipers and their lamellas are filled of cracks that substances spread by snow removal equipment and heat only serve to accentuate them, and the glass surface is not covered evenly.
Tips for Car in the summer

Hello Summer


  • Make sure the air conditioning system is in perfect condition, is much more stressful to drive on summer heat without air conditioner running. Also, the freon reserve of the air conditioning system must be charged and kept under observation.
  • Invest money in a sun shield covering the dashboard and steering wheel in times when the car is not used or is waiting in the parking lot. The black color of the inside attract sunlight and car interior overheating lead in time to the deterioration of indoors materials.
  • If you do not travel over long distances, try holding the trunk as empty as possible. An additional 45 kg weight can increase fuel consumption of the car by 2%.
Cars on high heat

Car at Heat

On the side of MECHANICS:

  • Check the oil and change it, particularly if you live in an area with extreme temperatures. Big temperature differences affect the properties of engine oil.
  • Check the overall condition of the battery and the liquid level in it. In warmer months, the battery is much more solicited and unpleasant situations can occur anytime.
  • Do not forget about antifreeze, because of this engine does not freeze in winter nor overheats in summer.
  • If you have all season tires, check their pressure as well as if don’t have cracks, bumps or ripples, because hot roads favor a potential explosion. In the event that you have winter tires, it is understood that these it should be replaced by the summer ones, for better maneuverability, safety and efficiency of fuel.
  • Equally important are the brakes, and the degree of wear of the brake pads should be necessarily inspected. High temperatures and water from abundant summer rains can create a real chaos in the brake system of the car.
  • Lastly, although many of the above checks can be made by drivers with a minimum of mechanical knowledge, we advise you to consult the services of a mechanic for a better evaluation of the operating status in which is your car.

There are always several ways to protect your car by high temperatures that are going to endure during the summer season.

Also we offer some tips for preparing the car before leaving for holidays, you should go to Summer Car to check this page and read its content. Have fun!


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