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The term “vehicle dynamics” refers to the interaction between driver, car and the environment. It is the dynamic performance of the car (traction and consumption), as well as braking and steering systems. Dynamics change all we know about automobiles and shapes, with a small engine and excellent dynamics you can win a contest against cars with over 500 hp engines.
Vehicle dynamics is a analytical and experimental science that is relatively complicated, used for studying and understanding car moving responses (dynamic regime) to various scenarios (acceleration, braking, steering). For car enthusiasts, do not focus on details formulas or techniques used, but rather the physical principles involved.

Engine power is nothing without grip!

100% true! To use the maximum engine performance then contact between the tire and the tread is a decisive factor. Peculiarities of car tires and sizes are also components of vehicle dynamics.


Kinetic Energy
Is the energy due to motion (translational) with velocity v.
Centrifugal Force
Is the force that tends to pull the body of the circular path.
The property of bodies to oppose the change of state of motion or idle.
Force that occurs on the surface of contact between two bodies and opposes the motion of a body over the other.
Action of exerting one forces on a vehicle to put and keep it in motion.


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