Safety glass

Throughout time, Automobile glass has evolved dramatically improving the degree of protection. Today, it has the same safety role as seat belts or air bags.

There are two types of glass used to make windshields: laminated glass and tempered glass.

Laminated glass

In general, windshields are specifically manufactured to reduce the chances of injury in the event of breaking. But how a windshield is made that does not break? It is because of a clear plastic foil (polyvinyl butyral), inserted between two layers of ordinary glass.

What makes laminated glass to be so special? It’s one of those products that have resisted contrary to the technology evolution.
It was first used in 1927 and the concept has changed very little since then. It can be used to manufacture more than windscreens. In areas often affected by tornadoes and hurricanes, laminated glass is used for the front windows to protect pedestrians or people in the shops.

Secure or hardened glass, as it is said, is produced by heating the glass to a temperature of about 650 degrees Celsius, where it begins to soften. The external surfaces are then rapidly cooled, creating a strong compression. The heating process followed by the cooling process is electronically controlled and the parameters by which this process is achieved influence the quality of the secured glass.

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Laminated Glass

When laminated glass come into impact with an object, glass is cracking, collapses or in some cases punctuate their way through it.
Laminated glass is made of two layers of glass glued together with a layer of plastic, which keeps both sides of glass together. This type of glass is much harder to crack. Laminated glass differs from that secured by that the second break in many pieces non blunt.


Did you know that your windshield support car's hood? Yes, the windshield is made so as to help and support the vehicle structure.
Laminated glass can save the lives of passengers in case of accidents, but can destroy the "escape" in case of accidents involving fire or water.
Windscreens provides the best sunscreen to all cars. Plastic layer from windscreens contains a UV filter. According to windshield manufacturers, tit absorb 100% of UVB rays, that provoking burns, and about 98% of UVA rays that can cause skin diseases in the long term.

Toughened glass

Tempered glass is a type of glass that was made through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling, making it tougher than ordinary glass. It has an unusual feature. When glass breaks, it reach in hundreds of pieces that are not as sharp or blunt like the shards of a mirror for example. This type of glass is used for windows and side mirrors but also for sunglasses, telephone or shower booths and screens for mobile phones. Tempered glass can not be fixed as the laminate. When it breaks, it must be replaced.

Safety glass

Toughened glass

Tempered glass was standard type of glass used to manufacture automobiles glass, a long time but some car manufacturers have switched to laminated glass. Besides the standard laminated glass windscreens, today is manufactured and side and rear windows of the same material, for luxury cars, economic, american or foreign.

Advanced Parameters

Most of the side windows and sunroof are made of tempered glass sites, but you can verify the exact type of glass. 
Each window has this indication in the bottom corner. If there is no such indication, open the window and notice: if it looks like from one piece is secure and if it looks like a sandwich, is laminated.

Experts say that you should know from what type of glass are made your car windows because that affect the escape in case of accidents involving water.


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