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    Standard ISO 15031-6 define OBD2 error codes utilized in cars. Beside standard alphanumeric code itself it provides a brief description of the error, which helps to identify the defective component (OBD2 diagnosis). Error codes (diagnoses) applies the car’s electrical and electronic systems (sensors, actuators) and are of two types:

  • electrical diagnosis: identifies defects such as: open circuit, short to ground or short circuit to battery
  • functional diagnostics: verify that the monitored systems operate at nominal parameters, identify whether certain components are blocked or if the sensors send wrong signals

Terms and definitions used by the OBD 2 standard

  • open circuit – refers to an interruption of the monitored electric circuit
  • signal outside the limits – refers to the variation field of the signal received by the sensors; the circuit is under rated operating conditions but the signal received is not consistent with the operating conditions
  • signal below the minimum limit – voltage read by the injection computer is below the minimum limit allowable for sensor / actuator respectively
  • signal above the maximum limit – voltage read by the injection computer is above the minimum limit allowable for sensor / actuator respectively
  • bank – cylinder group which is monitored by a common sensor; always bank 1 contains the number one cylinder of the engine, bank 2 is the opposed bank
  • left / right and front / rear – locations of monitored components in relation to the driver’s seat position
  • ‘A’, ‘B’ – is used to identify the multiple components (sensors, actuators) of the same type
  • discontinuous signal / incoherent – electrical signal is temporarily interrupted the duration of the defect is not long enough to detect a short circuit or an open circuit; also the rate of change of the signal value is excessive high, inconsistent with engine operating conditions

General description of OBD2 error codes

SystemArea Codes
BodyB0xx – B3xx
ChassisC0xx – C3xx
PowertrainP0xx – P3xx
NetworkU0xx – U3xx


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