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Electric car

All you need to know about electric cars …
Technological progress especially in the batteries field (NiMH, Li-Ion) made possible the development of electrically powered vehicles. The increasing systems of electric energy production from renewable sources (wind, solar, hydro, nuclear) helps to achieve cheap energy to propel electric cars.

In principle, any car that has electric traction motor is considered electric car. Power Supply, located on the vehicle, can be of various types, but for the overwhelming majority of electric cars made until now, the source is a battery of electric accumulators.

Due to the impressive torque of electric motors, low noise of operation and high efficiency, electric cars provides superior driving pleasure compared to conventional propulsion cars.
Electric car is innovative, compact and comes to revolutionize urban traffic. Besides the exciting design, the electric car is also very effective

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    Pretty great post. I’m glad to see that this site predicted the electric car revolution long before it was discovered by others.

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