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Battery Disconnect Device

The device for decoupling battery from the electrical system

In the case of traffic accidents, frequently appears the risk of fire, the main causes are numerous: breaking fuel tanks, fuel lines tearing and the emergence of sparks, either from metal parts that come into contact with asphalt or from the electrical conductors who lose their insulation due to uncontrolled deformation of metallic bodywork elements and generate short circuits.

To prevent arcing which could lead to ignition of the fuel spilled or some combustible materials from the vehicle structure and any short circuit, it has implemented a device that separates the accumulator battery from electrical installation of the vehicle, substantially reducing the risk of fire and even explosion. Circuit protection isoloation devices are designed to disconnect the main power supply (battery) to cables and other electrical components, thereby reducing the occurrence of such fires.

Automotive battery

Battery Disconnect

	[The safety aspect of the device is to remove battery power for all of the car’s electric system to ensure that in case you are working on the automobile or perhaps some thing goes wrong while driving, can quickly turn the power off. As soon as the battery is disconnected, any fire or harsh metal which melts or cuts the cable insulation and shorts it to the body (chassis) will have zero influence on the electrical system - except in cases where the fire actually reaches the battery pack. Additionally, it is also a switch in the interior of the vehicle and it must be easily accessible to the driver.]

Battery disengaged

This feature provides fire prevention and detection for heavy-duty and medium-duty commercial or other vehicles by ensuring the motor is automatically and without delay shut down after the occurrence of a catastrophic event that could cause a fire. The shutdown is achieved through the isolation of the auto batteries and alternator and also the disconnecting of these devices from all electrical circuits.

Anomalies that will trigger the shutdown and detach involve battery power and automobile load currents that are outside a predetermined range, extreme temperatures, detection of smoke inside the drive compartment or sleeper, as well as recognition of a frontal impact crash or perhaps car rollover. Once detached, the battery contactor has to be manually reset so that you can bring back electrical energy to the car or truck.

prevent or restrict fires

Disconnecting electrical poWer

[If required, the battery and also the electrical generator are disengaged and fuel pump deactivated to minimize the risk of fire.]


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