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Car acronyms and abbreviations

AACAdaptive Cruise Controlautomatic adaptive system to control the travel speed of the car
ABSAnti-lock Braking Systembraking system that prevents the wheels from locking
ACAlternative Currentalternative electric current
AFSActive Front Steeringelectronic car steering control (Cadillac)
ATFAutomatic Transmission Fluidtransmission oil for automatic (gearbox)
AMSAlternator Management Systemcharging alternator control system used by Hyundai-Kia
ASCActive Stability Controlelectronic system for control stability of the car (Mitsubishi)
AT PZEVAdvanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehiclepollution levels regulated by CARB
AWDAll Wheel Driveelectronically controlled all-wheel drive
B100Biodiesel 100%100% biodiesel fuel
B20Biodiesel 20%diesel oil containing 20% biodiesel
BAROBarometric Sensoratmospheric air pressure sensor
BASBrake Assist Systemassist system to the braking force
BCMBody Control Moduleelectronic control module of the interior
BMWBayerische Motoren Werke AGBavarian Motors Factory Public Company
CAIControlled Auto Ignitioncontrolled auto ignition engine
CANController Area Networkcommunication protocol developed by Bosch
CARBCalifornia Air Resource Boardorganization whose main activity is regulation of automobile emissions level for the US state of California
CCContinious Currentdirect electric current (DC)
CCSCombined Combustion Systemdiesel engine with combined combustion system
CIDICompression Ignition Direct Injectioncompression ignition engine and direct injection
CKPSCrankshaft Position Sensorposition sensor of the mechanical part that converts reciprocating motion in rotational motion
CMPSCamshaft Position Sensorsensor that monitor the position or rotational speed of the crankshaft
CNGCompressed Natural Gasmethane stored at high pressure
CPUCentral Processing Unitcomputer’s central processing unit
CRCommon Raila variant of direct fuel injection system for petrol and diesel engines
CRSCommon Rail Systemsystem with common rail fuel injection
CRTContinuously Regenerating Trapparticulate filter system with a catalytic oxidation
CSOCylinder Shut-Offcylinder deactivation system from VW
CVTContinuously Variable Transmissioncontinuously variable gearbox
CVVTContinuous Variable Valve Timingvariable distribution system of the phases
DCTDouble Clutch Transmissiontransmission (box) with double clutch
DCUDosing Control Unitelectronic control module of AdBlue injection system (Bosch)
DDSDeflation Detection Systemsystem for indirect monitoring of the tire air pressure (Continental)
DDWSDunlop Deflation Warning Systemsystem for indirect monitoring of the tire air pressure (Dunlop)
DOCDiesel Oxydation Catalystoxidation catalyst for diesel engines
DOHCDouble OverHead Camshaftdistribution with two intake valves per cylinder, with the camshafts in the cylinder head
DLCDiamond Like Carboncarbon crystal structure similar to diamond
DMFDual Mass Flywheeldouble flywheel used to automobiles
DSCDynamic Stablity Controlvehicle stability control system
DSTCDynamic Stability and Traction Controlelectronic system for vehicle’s stability control (Volvo)
DTCDiagnostic Trouble Codeerror code used to diagnose cars
DVDDigital Video Discoptical storage medium
EBDElectronic Brakeforce Distributionelectronic system of the braking force distribution
ECTEngine Coolant Temperature Sensormotor temperature sensor
ECOECOnomicaldriving mode of a vehicle in order to reduce fuel/energy consumption
ECUElectronic Control Unitunit that controls one or more of the electrical system or subsystems in a motor vehicle
ECMEngine Control Moduleengine control module (computer injection)
EDCElectronic Diesel Controlelectronic injection systems produced by Bosch
EPROMErasable Programmable Read Only Memoryprogrammable ROM memory and deletable
EEPROMElectrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memoryprogrammable ROM memory that is electrically deletable
EFIElectronic Fuel Injectionelectronically controlled fuel injection system (indirect injection)
EGRExhaust Gas Recirculationexhaust gas recirculation system
EMCDElectro-Magnetic Control Deviceelectromagnetic coupling unit (wheel drive system used on Renault cars)
EMSEngine Management SystemModern ECU which can process the inputs from the engine sensors in real-time
ENEuropean Normeuropean standard
EOBDEuropean On Board Diagnosiseuropean version of OBD
EPAEnvironmental Protection AgencyUS agency which has the object of activity environmental protection
EPSElectric Power Steeringelectric assisted steering
ESMEnergy Smart Managementintelligent management of electrical energy (Renault)
ESPElectronic Stability Programelectronic system which control vehicle’s stability
EVElectric Vehicleelectric propulsion vehicle
EVAPEvaporative Emission Control Systemcapture system and recirculation of gasoline vapor
EVSCElectronic Vehicle Stability Controlelectronic system of vehicle’s stability control (Isuzu)
FGTFixed Geometry Turbinemachines are designed to operate at maximum efficiency
FSIFuel Stratified Injectiongasoline direct injection system with stratified mixture
GCIGasoline Compression Ignitiongasoline engine with compression ignition
GDIGasoline Direct Injectiongasoline direct injection system (Mitsubishi)
GPCUGlow Plug Control Unitcontrol unit for preheating glow plug (incandescent)
GPSGlobal Positioning Systema space-based satellite navigation system
HCCIHomogeneous Charge Compression Ignitionhomogeneous mixture engine and compression ignition
HCSIHomogeneous Charge Spark Ignitionhomogeneous mixture engine and spark ignition
HEVHybrid Electrical Vehiclehybrid car (electric + thermal)
HISHidraulic Impulse Storagehydraulic accumulator impulse used in automatic transmissions ZF
HPHorse Powerhorsepower, unit of measurement of power
IACIdle Air Controlintake air control valve at idle speed
IATIntake Air Temperature Sensormonitors the temperature of the air entering the engine
ICTInformation and Communication Technology Systemdatabase system that communicates with the vehicle for providing information (Nissan)
IMVInlet Metering Valvepressure control valve discharged by the high-pressure injection pump Delphi
IVDInteractive Vehicle Dynamicselectronic system for automobile stability control (Ford)
ISCIdle Speed Control Valvecontrol valve at idle speed
ISGIdle Stop & Gostop & start system used Hyundai-Kia
ISOInternational Organization for Standardizationis an international standard-setting organization
KAMKeep Aive Memorynonvolatile memory (data is preserved when power is off)
KWPKey Word Protocolcommunication protocol used for automotive diagnostics and reprogramming the cars computer
LEDLight Emitting Diodelight emitting diode (emits light when a an electric voltage is supplied)
Li-IonLithium-ion Batterybattery with carbon negative electrode, the positive is a metal oxide and electrolyte is a lithium salt
LINLocal Interconnect Networkcommunication protocol
LONGFTLong-term Fuel Trimlong-term correction of injected fuel quantity
LPGLiquefied Petroleum Gasliquid propane or butane
LSDLimited Slip Differentialdifferential with limited “sliding”
LSULambda Sensor Universallambda planar probe (Bosch)
MAFMass Air Flow Sensorintake air mass sensor name used to find out the mass flowrate of air entering a fuel-injected internal combustion engine
MAPManifold Absolute Pressureintake air pressure sensor name used in engine electronic control system
MiLMalfunction Indicator Lampon board car warning light that indicates a defect in the components that have direct or indirect impact on pollutant emissions
MONMotor Research Numberthe ‘Motor’ method of calculation of a gasoline octane number
MOSTMedia Oriented Systems Transportcommunication protocol
MPIMulti-Point Injectionmulti-point injection (one injector per cylinder)
MSPMaserati Stability Programelectronic system for vehicle stability control (Maserati)
NAFTANorth American Free Trade Agreementtrade liberalization agreement between the US, Canada and Mexico
NEDCNew European Driving Cycleeuropean cycle of the cars approval
NHSTANational Highway Traffic Safety AdministrationUS Agency for road traffic safety
Ni-HMNickel–Metal Hydride Batterybattery with a negative metal hydride electrode and positive cadmium electrode
NVGNew Venture Gearmanufacturing company of transmissions for cars
NTCNegative Temperature Coefficientthermistor with negative temperature coefficient
OBDOn Board Diagnosisset of regulations that define the diagnosis on board’s car
PACEPremier Automotive Suppliers’ Contribution to Excellence awardaward from autonews.com for auto parts manufacturers
PCMPowertrain Controle Modulecontrol module of the powertrain (computer that controls thermal engine and automatic gearbox)
PCSPrecision Control Systemelectronic system for stability control of the car (Oldsmobile)
PCVPositive Crankcase Ventilationrecirculation of crankcase gases from an internal combustion engine
PEMPower Electronics Modulemodule that contains the power electronics for controlling an electric car
PFIPort Fuel Injectionfuel injection system in gate of the valve (indirect injection)
PHEVPlug-in Hybrid Electrical Vehiclehybrid car (thermal + electricity) to which batteries can be charged from the electricity grid
PSDPower Split Devicethe planetary gear mechanism used by Toyota Prius
PSMPorsche Stability Managementelectronic system for stability control of the automobile (Porsche)
PTUPower Transfer Unitpower transfer unit (wheel drive system used in the Dacia Duster)
PWMPulse Width Modulationtechnique to control analog electronic equipment using a voltage of constant amplitude, rectangular waveform and frequency being variable
R2SRegulated 2-Stage turbochargingturbo chargers in two levels (BorgWarner)
RAMRandom Access MemoryA random-access memory allows data to be read and written in roughly the same amount of time regardless of the order in which data items are accessed
RONResearch Octane Numberthe ‘Research’ method for calculating the octane number of gasoline
RSCRoll Stability Controlelectronic system for stability control of the vehicle (Ford)
SACSelf Adjusting Clutchclutch with compensation mechanism of disc attrition
SAESociety of Automotive Engineers U.S. based association and standards organization for engineering
SCCIStratified Charge Compression Ignitionstratified mixing engine and compression ignition
SCRSelective Catalytic Reductionmethod of treating the exhaust gas (NOx) based on urea
SCRTSelective Catalytic Reduction Technology
SHRTFTShort-term Fuel Trimshort-term correction in the quantity of fuel injected
SIDISpark Ignition Direct Injectionspark-ignition engine and direct injection
SSRSelf Supporting Runflattire on which can be run when the pressure is loss
SULEVSuper Ultra Low Emission Vehiclepollution levels regulated by CARB
SUVSport Utility Vehiclesuburban utility vehicle
TCOTotal Cost of Ownershiptotal cost of possession (includes cost of acquisition, use and maintenance of a product)
TCCSTorque Converter Clutch Solenoidclutch control valve of the blocking the hydraulic intensifier of an automatic gearbox
TCSTraction Control Systemelectronic system of traction control
TCUTelematic Control Unittelematics control unit, with remote transmission of information (Nissan Leaf)
TCUTransmission Control Unitunitatea electronică de control a transmisiei (cutiei de viteze)
THSToyota Hybrid Systemhybrid propulsion system from Toyota
TI-VCTTwin Independent – Variable
Camshaft Timing
dual distribution system (inlet-outlet) from Ford
TPMSTire Pressure Monitoring Systemmonitoring system of air pressure in tires
TREADTransportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability and Documentationdocument for regulating automobile transportation in the US
TSITurbocharged Stratified Injectiongasoline direct injection turbocharged from VW
TSPTrailer Stability Programelectronic system for stability control of the automobile (Opel)
TWCThree-Way Catalystthree-way catalyst, which treats CO, HC and NOx
TWITread Wear Indicatorindicator of the wear level of the tread
UEGOUniversal Exhaust Gas Oxygenlambda planar probe
UISUnit Injector Systeminjection system with pump injectors
ULEVUltra Low Emission Vehiclepollution levels regulated by CARB
VCMVehicle Control Modulevehicle control computer (Nissan Leaf)
VDCVehicle Dynamic Controlelectronic system for stability control of the car (Fiat)
VDIMVehicle Dynamics Integrated Managementelectronic system for stability control of the automobile (Lexus)
VDSVehicle Descriptor Sectiondescription section of the car (used to VIN)
VGTVariable Geometry Turbineturbină cu geometrie variabilă
VINVehicle Identification Numberunique identification code of a vehicle
VISVehicle Identifier Sectionidentification section of the car (used to VIN)
VPWVariable Pulse Width Modulationrectangular electrical signal with variable period (frequency modulation)
VSAVehicle Stability Assistelectronic system for stability control of the vehicle (Acura)
VTECVariable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Controlvariable distribution system from Honda
VVAVariable Valve Actuationvariable actuation of lifting height of the valve
VVT-iVariable Valve Timing with intelligencevariable distribution system used by Toyota
WMIWorld Manufacturer Identifierinternational identification number of a car manufacturer (used in VIN)
WRCWorld Rally Championshipa rallying series organised by the International Automobile Federation
ZEVZero Emission Vehicleis a vehicle that emits no pollutants from the onboard source of power
ZFZahnradFabrikgerman company for automotive industry of car components


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