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Due to the rapidly evolving technology, car navigation systems have become increasingly affordable at price as well as utilization.

In the first place what is a car navigation system and how it works?
Navigation systems are intended to be assistant in traffic and it works by connecting to satellites indicating to the driver the place where is it and the route to the choice destination. More than that, an intelligent navigation system will provide constant information along the route indicating both obstacle and the number of kilometers traveled, detour routes, fuel consumption and speed.

 Navigation Systems


Until recently, integrated navigation systems were options that could be found only on luxury classes, but now things have changed significantly. Not only that navigation became available on models of compact class or lower class, but it is now offered on some models for a few hundred dollars. Until this happens, that paid about $ 2,500 for a navigation system on a car that cost around $ 50,000 in the showroom was not a real expense. Now that there are even new car for $ 12,000 that offers Factory Navigation System, the outlook is different.

The navigation system is important to you or is it just a fad?
To treat this subject in a equidistant position we should mention that a navigation system brings other benefits than just navigation. In the first place, the screen with that comes is one color, higher than the normal and, most often, it is touchscreen. That brings advantages when it comes to operating the controls, but also in design point of view. Any car interior looks better with a large color display and a graphics to match. Moreover, the navigation system usually bring a superior connectivity compared to the standard system. It allows connecting a mobile phone via Bluetooth or WIFI, allows transfer of music, and the ability to answer a call through car interface without physically access the phone (liek a handsfree). Connectivity goes, usually, further, because in most of the times there are USB connectors that allow charging the phone or connecting an music device (ex: iPod) strictly for sound source.
On some more expensive models the navigation system incorporates a hard drive (SSD) on which you can copy your music directly from an external source, which facilitates very much the way you listen your favorite music while driving. You can listen to music, watch movies or run the photos on its screen. Thus traffic jams will become easier to bear and you will spend time in a much more pleasant.

Factory Navigation System

Traffic Information

Experts say the navigation system with on-board computer that calculates everything you want and do not want at the car is not a necessity, but it is extremely useful, especially to drivers who have the habit of breaking the accelerator pedal. Why? For instant notice how much petrol or diesel the car consumes and educate himself by learning to drive in a more economical manner. Especially with constant increases of fuel prices in recent years.
From aFactory Navigation System at the menu page can be accessed easily the six essential functions: radio, multimedia, telephone, map, navigation system, adjustments of the car.
The navigation system allows the driver to use and the speed limiter which, indeed, is optionally available only on certain versions of the vehicle brands. Regarding the adjustments that they can verify to on-board computer of the car, the driver can use the information received to know exactly what is the fuel consumption, which is the autonomy of the car to its destination or how many miles has traveled up to currently time at the wheel without taking a break. In addition, the driver can use the navigation system and to find information about the route which go through (With an Internet connection or radio RDS, of course) about weather, highway incidents or repair works to roads. Indispensable? Not. Useful? Surely.

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