Active safety

Active safety is the one that prevents accidents before they occur: this is the key to safe driving. Have been designed and developed intelligent systems for motor vehicles, in order to optimize their active safety features. The most important are:

Anti-lock braking system

ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) was created to help the driver maintain steering control and prevent the vehicle to swerve while braking.

automobile ABS

ABS Safety

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Electronic stability control

First we must say that the system is called, generically, ESC (Electronic Stability Control). When referring to this system, we all say ESP, but this is just the system built and registered by Bosch and used by most constructors.

ESP sign

ESP on auto

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Traction control system

Traction control system (TCS), in Europe known as Anti Slip Regulator(ASR) prevents wheel slip by several methods, basically reduce engine power transmitted if one of the wheels skidding in advancement.

TCS signal

Traction control system

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Advanced emergency braking system

Officially called Adaptive Emergency Braking System – AEBS is a system with a similar feature adaptive cruise control and to particular automatic braking in the absence of reaction from the driver.


autonomous emergency braking

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Lane departure warning system

Generically called LDWS – Lane Departure Warning System, the system warns acoustic and/or video the driver that he unwittingly breached demarcation markings of lane on which it runs.

Auto Active safety

mechanism designed to warn a driver

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Tire-pressure monitoring system

The tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is actually an automated system created to keep track of the air pressure in the pneumatic tires on diverse kinds of vehicles.



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Emergency Brake Assist

EBA – It is a system developed based on car drivers behavioral observations in emergency situations which involve violent braking.

Active safety Eba

Emergency brake assist

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Electronic Differential Lock

The electronic differential lock makes it possible for soft, secure starts off at split-friction street areas with varying levels of grasp.


Electronic Differential Lock

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Adaptive Cruise Control

ACC also called autonomous cruise control or radar cruise control is actually an recommended cruise control system for street autos that automatically modifies the automobile pace to keep a secure range from cars ahead


Autonomous cruise control system

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Electronic Brakeforce Distribution

EBD is a vehicle braking technology that automatically changes the amount of force applied to each of a vehicle’s brakes , depending on road circumstances, speed, loading, etc.


Electronic brakeforce distribution


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